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ATOGM, anal sex, ass to mouth, anal piss, enema, milk enema

What does ATOGM mean?

ATOGM is an acronym/short cut/abbreviation which means:

Ass To Other Girls Mouth

It is an extension of ATM or A2M which stands for:

Ass To Mouth

and in its most known form is performed in a MMF-threesome.

But here at we also define atm/a2m/ass to mouth as all kinds of stuff which gets anally exchanged from one girl, to another girls mouth or even multiple mouths. 😉

atm, a2m, ATOGM, anal sex, ass to mouth, anal piss, enema, milk enema

Why is ATM/A2M/Ass To Mouth so fascinating and awesome?


That’s a good question. But first we need to discus:  

Why is anal so fascinating and awesome?


I talk about a many aspects of this in my little beginners book “How To Anal”. Let me give you a short summary…

Basically I believe the theory of Kelly Wells makes a lot of sense. The ass/the anus/the rectum is obviously at least also for sexual fun. Why else should it be +- at the same place, have a lot of nerve endings which makes it a highly erogenous zone, have the perfect size and length to put a cock inside etc. etc. etc. …? 

Men and Women can orgasm soooooo hard, as far as I know the hardest, due to anal sex/play! Also with anal stimulation ONLY! As many things of our bodies, they are multifunctional. We use our eyes to navigate, detect danger, enjoy art, a pretty ass, to hunt, look each other in the eyes and and and…

As we probably all know, there are still a lot of people say it’s “exit only”. Would this be the case, anal sex/anal play wouldn’t even be a topic. There is for example absolute 0, zero, to have nasal sex/play (asides from nose fetishes or whatever). The nostrils are simply not erogenous, too small, too short…just no! But the ass/rectum/anus? It’s just perfect! 

The problem with anal of such people is purely mental i. e. psychological, due to all the misconceptions I describe in my book. They are all very easily refutable. Anal sex/play is as healthy, dirty and painful as every other sexual practice can be: 

Oral sex with unwashed or/and infected genitals, fucking toooo hard, kissing with bad breath, licking the clit too harsh, sucking the cock with teeth involved etc. etc. 

There’s just no real difference. It’s also independent from sexual orientation. 

Just do it the right way, then everything will be awesome! 

Sooooo…back to ass to mouth. 

Why is it so sexy, fascinating and awesome?

I would say:

because ass to mouth is super intimate, it shows self-love, it makes the atm-performing person a “complete fighter” and it’s just pure sex, pure fun.

And as a giver, you get the feeling of having full access of your partner’s body, apart from all the other good feelings…

ATOGM, anal sex, ass to mouth, atm, a2m, anal creampie eating
ATOGM, anal sex, ass to mouth, anal piss, enema, milk enema